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Default Re: Should Marvel Get The Rights Back To All It's Characters?

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
The problem with TASM for me,is I actually thought it was possible to do the origin again,but do it better.They did the complete opposite.

Apart from giving Flash a sliver of character (which wasn't hard,since the Raimi films didn't even try) and putting Gwen in before MJ,there was nothing superior or more faithful than the Raimi version in any way.

Now,if Marvel got their hands on S-M,I can easily see them doing the definitive take on the origin,which I'd be willing to revisit one more time.
Gotta disagree there. We actually got to know and see Uncle Ben and have a sense of his relationship with Peter before he died in TASM. We got next to none of that in Raimi's version. Just a speech and such and not much more. Ben's a caricature in SM1. He's an actual character in TASM. Same goes for Aunt May but it's less noticeable which is why I used Ben as my example. And that's just one small part where TASM is far superior. I think it's a vastly better film than the first Spider-man on just about every level imaginable.

"Spider-man is the Charlie Brown of the Marvel Universe." ~ Kevin Smith
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