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Default Re: Should Marvel Get The Rights Back To All It's Characters?

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
Quips were no better in ASM than SM.I'd personally take "Let mom & dad talk" over "Crotch!!!!" but i'm not gonna go over and over that again.

In honesty,Raimi's did 80% of what should be in a Spidey origin.To some extent,I think a better job could be done with the supporting cast.But if for no other reason,I'd like to see the real attitude Spidey had post spider bite-pre Ben's death.He was a selfish ******* who wanted to be a celebrity and make $$ and could care less about anyone else.

In both versions it was changed to Peter wanting "Revenge".A concept that wasn't really a factor in the comic origin.
I agree the quips in SM1 were good, I think I was referring to the other two. That was my mistake lol. On the subject though there were more quips.

I always liked SM1 but with the exception of the score, TASM did everything to the same quality or better than SM1.

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