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Default Re: Aaron Johnson May Be Quicksilver

Feige did talk about the possibility of alternate and parallel dimensions in Dr. Strange and phase 3. I still think there will be some time paradox elements even before this that Feige and Whedon can't talk about yet, because it relates to the concept of the multiverse, infinity, the infinity gauntlet, the time gem and why you don't need "a Pym to create an Ultron..."

There may be many Pyms, Ultrons, Pietros and Wandas by the time phase 2 is over... Wanda can shift probabilities and some of it may be about outcomes shifting, the order of things slightly changing, and destiny altering slightly -- even if things were changed in the past with Pym literally in the story... Maybe one Wanda does know about other versions of herself in other times.

There was one report way back about GoTG and how the Knowwhere base features in the story in some way (the interdimensional base within a celestial's head that moves through space/time)... At Knowwhere they are involved in viewing the ends of many timelines. GoTG has a lot of connections to alternate futures, so maybe they can connect that to how there is another Earth, a counter earth, that existed in the past, that one Wanda comes from/is connected to. It seems to me we may already see some time paradox elements coming into it in phase 2.
In Thor 2 there is a tiny bit of time loss that Jane experiences when she slips through rifts. That side of the world and stone circles may be magical/has hidden properties. I have suspicions that Yondu in GoTG comes from an alternate 31st century... Also that someone resurrected Drax from beyond time and put him in space for a purpose, that he has a destiny.... There could already be a parallel timeline in the past that starts to branch off of Thor 2, because of Loki planting the singularity and shifting some things around in ways that we don't know yet...
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
someone sort of disappears from the timeline as Loki takes his place.... and some of Thor 3 could be going on at the same time as the end of Thor 2, the singularity Loki creates might have many purposes

One Pym may even make it to the present where he meets up with Lang who is Antman right now... From the past Pym secretly already got involved in a timeloop Ultron setup to help the govt and Stark build infinite Ultrons with an infinite supply of vibranium for his army that polices the globe in Age of Ultron... Lang didn't know this but he was conducting a series of heists and stealing vibranium again and again in a timeloop for Ultron's army, and it was ALL a manipulation by Ultron -- this would not be revealed until Ant Man. Pym was trying to break the time loop, is cycling through personalities, didn't want to be a hero, and Rudd is stuck in his Yellowjacket form, doesn't have all his scientist memories right now.
In the past Pym worked for the think tank that AIM would become, back then they had bright Yellow beekeeper lookin suits that are much more vibrant than the newer ones... Janet and Pym both get locked in a timeloop and end up with Lang in the present, but Janet takes the timetravel better and doesn't lose her memories... Has to guide Yellowjacket. Janet calls herself Wasp, they hate the beekeeper suits that are left in tatters after travelling through space/times and dimensions, Janet and Pym give themselves names, but Janet can't convince Pym of who he is, he simply calls himself Yellowjacket after Jan starts calling herself Wasp because of the bright yellow beekeeper looking suits... and the beekeepers they want to sting. The ants that Yellowjacket stings into other dimensions with his ray, instead of fighting them... Lang has this ray that can instantly shrink things that are non-organic in the future to help in the heists, but it is not as advanced as the one Pym/Yellowjacket has.

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Through looking into particles that can move faster than the speed of light and shrinking himself to that size as Yellowjacket to move through time and space Pym/Yellowjacket/Rudd stops Lang who has stolen his destiny. In the past Ultron and Prof Weems altered their own destinies and time itself, Prof Weems is the timemaster and forced a Pym into his Yellowjacket persona who has forgotten his life as Pym -- like in EMH Yellowjacket has no recollection of his life as Pym in the past, because traveling through time and space and stealing Weems' reverse aging ray to adapt into the Yellowjacket ray gun turns Pym into Yellowjacket. Traveling through the fabric of space-time alters Pym's mind, his memory and gifts to the world were stolen and moved across time towards Age of Ultron... Pym was absent in Age of Ultron because he accidentally became Yellowjacket in the past, literally lost his memories completely, and Ultron never had a body until Stark was tricked into building him one, but was able to manipulate everything, and Weems himself, to become the true Master of time in Age of Ultron... leaving Pym out of the equations that regulate destiny, so Ultron could fight against the probabilities scarlett witch can change in AoU. Ultron wants to have things go his way, and may be connected to the Oracle analytic/predictive software that Jarvis mentions in IM3.

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