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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

I think Lokis working a really long con, that he might be doing it for good, but also that Odin wouldnt understand and he did trap him somewhere.

I think Odin is stuck between timelines in the dimension called Limbo. He would have to be removed from time and space if Loki wanted to replace him for good. He would have to trap him somewhere outside of the normal dimensions, somewhere he cant easily return from. I think this for many reasons, but most of all because of some of the comments about GoTG being kind of like ghostbusters in space... I think space phantoms are involved, and space phantoms do a similar trick -- they would switch bodies with people and then trap the real person in Limbo... Thanos may have done this to Collector. If science and magic are the same then maybe Loki does the shifting trick in a different way by drawing images out of other timelines and the other possibilities in the multiverse. Maybe Loki couldnt kill his father, and we see him again after the GoTG start interacting with things through Knowwhere (what comes to be their base, the celestials head that is connected to all spaces and times). Loki slipped him through a rift and he lost time, and space.... basically Odin fell into Limbo, between dimensions and space, and was trapped there by Loki. A dimension that is free of time and kind of magical in nature, where Immortus lives... Unbeknownst to us Loki has also created an entire parallel timeline and generated a new universe through the singularity (a stabilized white hole secretly giving birth to the other timeline) and by supplying the gem to Collector and Thanos, aiding what they will do.

An alternate 31st century has already been created, and parts of this timeline were moving along at Lokis desired pace.. in thor 2s branch of Yggdrasil Loki did manage to make everything go his way, because Loki saw it all play out already through the abyss.... The space phantom planet was destroyed by Thanos and now he is haunted by dead souls that are able to leave Limbo, Immortus saved them at the last second, we all create our own demons. so theyd be in Limbo with Odin and Immortus and later Frigga... Loki couldnt let his mom die on the other side of the timeline. Some of Thor 3 would revisit and expand on some things in Thor 2 and could be overlapping and happening at some of the same times after the guardians of the galaxy learn what will happen by the 31st century.. Half of the universe will be destroyed, this sent Yondu back to Andromeda... who is originally from a 31st century. A Kang survived... but he was forever changed into Immortus and saw the light at the beginning of the universe after it ends... Fox may have the rights to Kang prime, but not Immortus... Immortus secretly trained with the Elders of the Universe and knows what Thanos is up to with Collector. Immortus has a relationship with the grandmaster of time, and forces were already at work from beyond time and space to resurrect Drax and try to stop Thanos and Collector...

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