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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

Originally Posted by horacethegrey View Post
Hello. I'm a long time lurker here. Haven't posted much, but I just had to join this discussion after watching the film yesterday.

I sill think Thor is a much better film. It has a better story which is emotionally moving in some places, and has just the right amounts of lighthearted moments to balance out the serious ones. And Kenneth Branagh has to be given credit for getting his actors to deliver some great performances. Patrick Doyle's score is also top notch, probably my favorite score in a Marvel Studios film to date.

Not to say the The Dark World is bad, but there are some bits that I dislike. The story was nothing to write home about, and lacked any emotional investment that made the first film so special. They also went a tad bit overboard with the comedy, that it came dangerously close to overshadowing the drama. I also thought Brian Tyler's score was much too loud and bombastic, though I did like it.

Overall, those are my thoughts.

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