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Default Re: "By The Goddess!": The Official Storm Discussion - Part 2

Originally Posted by PoSeiDon View Post
THIS! Pause the trailer at 43 seconds in: They all look tired from the fighting. But You can see on Storm's face that she is battle weary. Empire Magazine has an article up now with Bryan Singer going through the trailer. He calls Storm, for the movieverse, "She’s one of the last surviving X-Men in this post-apocalyptic world". I think the future scenes will be a bit sad to watch for us folk who have been with the series since they started. But I can't wait, I think Storm will have her moment.
The article also mentioned She along with Wolverine, Magneto and Xavier were spearheading this mission. I do wonder how Storm comes to play in this mission besides fighting sentinels. The others all quite clearly have a role to play. Wolverine going to the past Xavier and Kitty sending him to the past, Iceman and Magneto rescuing Rogue and of course Rogue possibly bringing wolverine back or what ever her secret role is. I'm not too sure how Storm truly fits in but she must have some sort of role if she's at the spearhead. I wonder if her role somehow links to the shocking revelation the Halle was talking about.

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