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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Rock Sexton View Post
Where would you have placed that "emotional" high then?

They can't do it literally beat for beat in this sequel, otherwise they're making the same movie all over again.

I figured elements like the Loki trial would potentially satisfy that element. What about Thor/Loki? Do we not get to see the white elephant in the room about their relationship?
No one is asking for more of the same. All I ask is that the filmmakers make us care for what's happening onscreen. Was it too much to ask for some drama regarding Jane's exposure to the Aether? There should be some suspense whether this thing was going to kill her or not, and how Thor deals with it, since this is the woman he loves. But the movie never bothers with it.

As for Loki, he doesn't have much of a part in the main plot, so whatever happens to him is inconsequential. What was his purpose other than to provide Thor a means to leave Asgard and back him up when they face Malekith? I did like that he and Thor got their little chance to talk, but in the grand scheme of the film, it feels like an isolated moment.

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