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Default Re: Should Marvel Get The Rights Back To All It's Characters?

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
Nothing from the Ultimates should be incorporated in a film version.


Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
I think you obviously won't see any of them before at least the tail end of Phase 3.

X-Men- Fuggetabboutit. No one really cares if the stay at Fox for the most part.

GOTG probably doesn't get a sequel.
Inhumans/Black Panther waits for a FF sequel/crossover
Iron Fist gets put with Luke Cage for a TV series
Ghost Rider/Blade TBD (I don't think anyone will mind the wait.)
Captain Marvel gets spun off after Avengers 3

FF would be a top priority for Marvel
Spidey/Daredevil would get the Marvel Street level treatment within phase 4
Dr Strange still gets his movie as does Thor/Cap & hopefully Hulk sequels.
IM TBD (If RDJ doesn't come back,give the character a rest)
The challenge was a release timeline. So we're talking about Phase 4, then? Okay.
  • So assuming GOTG is as successful as all the other MCU films, it has fans, people want a sequel, just don't give it to them, tough cookies for them.
  • No new properties on film, check. Give all those properties to Jeph Loeb. Tough cookies for them.
  • No Iron Man 4 if there's a recast, introduce the new actor in Avengers, tough cookies for him.
  • So your 'all the properties back' Phase 4 is: Thor, Cap, Hulk, Spidey, Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel. At two movies a year, that puts Avengers movies 5 years away from each other, and never adding any new properties (Ghost Rider/Blade/IM) unless you stop one of those or extended each phase to be 6 years long.
  • This means 6 years between sequels for every franchise.

I wouldn't enjoy that, would you?

Originally Posted by chaseter View Post
If Marvel had all of those properties, they could easily be releasing 4 films a year and just own the market. A March, May, July, November schedule would just absolutely crush any other studio.
That's not how movie financing works. There is nothing about having a bunch of IPs that generates credit. There's also the very real factor that when quantity goes up very rapidly, quality tends to go down just as fast. If Marvel maxes out their credit and makes any mistake, it could cripple them. When Hulk did 'okay' in 2008, they couldn't introduce any other properties until they had proved that their only real success Iron Man wasn't a fluke.

That's not how movie scheduling works. Also, Marvel doesn't have the power to tell other studios (who have more money, more credit) not to release films near their dates and thus prevent them from 'crushing' anything. I love Marvel, but if one of the other studios puts their flagship in the early may slot going head to head with Marvel... that Marvel movie will ultimately fail. Avatar is huge, Batman and Superman are huge, if Sony didn't have Spider-Man they'd acquire something else huge. If Marvel is going all out try and corner the very lucrative superhero market, wouldn't it then be in other studios' best interest to put big releases before and after the marvel films to prevent Marvel Studios from 'crushing' them?

And while Disney prevents them from going under, it also means Marvel movies will sometimes have to defer to Star Wars, Pirates of the Carribean and Pixar when it comes to release dates.

The characters have super powers, but the characters themselves aren't super powers that turn Marvel Studios into a Super Studio that cannot be touched by puny things like the movie industry.

So at two movies a year your Phase 3 looks like this:
Spidey, Thor3, Cap3, GOTG2, Daredevil, Spidey2, FF, X-Men, Spidey3, Avengers3. So Avengers 3 in 2020. All sequels 5 years apart, except Spidey. No new properties like Dr. Strange, until FF or GOTG stop, so... doing the math, Dr. Strange in 2030, I think? I mean, who cares, really? At that point Shia Lebouf will be old enough to play the good doctor.

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