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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
A fight between the hero and the villain is not a bigger change than a major character's death. Unless you're referring to Superman snapping Zod's neck, which was confirmed to have been in the original script.
From what I read Snyder and Goyer was on a podcast talking about how the original script had Zod being drawn into the Phantom Zone with the rest. I don't know why Superman would snap Zod's neck if they never fought either so I think the version I read made more sense.

Anyway, I find it extremely unlikely that they ever planned to kill Loki. Apart from what's already been said Tom is signed on for six movies, which also makes it very unlikely that they planned to kill him off. That Loki is very popular is definitely not something Marvel only found out during the shooting of this movie.

Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
They could have ended it like everyone thought it would in the cinema, with Odin talking to Thor and then cut to a wide shot of Asgard or the Nine Realms or whatever. At first I was suspicious that Loki was actually dead, then as the movie went on I actually started to believe he was. It would have been way more effective had he actually died. If Marvel wanted to bring him back then they can do it in Thor 3 with the incredibly-likely Raganorak stoyline.
To me you made it sound like they handled it perfectly. Made people think that he actually was dead and still managed to turn it around on them within the same movie. I like that better than to do exactly the same thing they did in Thor - Avengers again.

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