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Originally Posted by slumcat View Post
I must say more than anything else THIS has convinced me how big a star Jackman is. In a cast this packed with awarding winning actors and there are Oscar winners and he is not, Jackman ALONE gets the Above the title billing. It is almost startling. It was obvious as the day that he would be billed first. But I thought the entire cast would be billed together after the title. But no Jackman is not just billed first but as THE top billing and over the title, basically setting him away from the entire cast as THE grand daddy and then everyone else lumped together.

But that's a star for you. Jackman is a star amongst stars it seems.
I wouldn't put too much into that. Jackman is just the only one that has been in all the movies and he plays wolverine the biggest character in the franchise. It really comes as no surprise.

He is a star though and definitely deserves that spot.

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