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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Not really a Thor fan, but I have to admit TDW rocked, a great watch,
well done Marvel, until......


for 2 main reasons.

1) the characterization of the Collector, who is supposed to be an Elder of the universe, a mysterious immortal being of immense power. Del Toro played him
like a drag-queen hairdresser... "One down, five to go." is the best that an ancient cosmic immortal can do ? Usually I like Del Toro, but here he was woefully miscast
and got the character completely wrong.

And his collection ? It looked like a run down
pawn shop. The guy has elements of every part of the universe, rare, wonderful and terrible stuff in there, so really Marvel WTF ? did the Budget run out and it just happened that Ray Stevenson and Jaimie Alexander hadn't gone to their trailers yet and were still in costume.

2) continuity wise.....again WTF ? not being a fan of the infinity gem saga, I wasn't too keen to see it show up here. It would be a bit like Captain America visiting Xavier's school in an Avengers Post-credit scene, yes its the same universe, but not everyone's paths cross, or should cross.

NOw I know that some of you out there just loved this bit, and are rubbing your hands with glee for the infinity gem saga to unfold on the screen, this is merely
IMO, and I don't knock you for liking it. But I have to ask, honestly now
people, couldn't Marvel have done a waaaaayyyyyyy better job with this part ?

Other than that TDW was great.

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