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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Question View Post
So, I think by now it's pretty well known 'round these parts that I didn't like Man of Steel on a basic "not being a well made movie" level, and I don't have high hopes for the sequel.


There is something that wasn't in Man of Steel that I missed mostly from the standpoint of a fan that, wether the sequel is good or not, I really hope Goyer includes in the film. That being more of a focus on journalism. The journalism aspect of the Superman mythos tends to get ignored most often out of everything. I mean, yes, it's always there, in the background, but it's very rare that it be treated as something relevant to the plot or themes of the story. Clark Kent is a reporter pretty much because he always has been. I think, however, that journalism is a very vital and valuable part of the mythos. It emphasizes the themes of personal and social responsibility and taking a wider view of the world's problems without losing the human perspective. It creates a means by which Clark Kent fights to make the world a better place as an ordinary human being in addition to Superman being a superhero, which says a lot about the character both in terms of his morals and in terms of what he wants out of life and how his desires are torn between wanting to embrace his alien heritage and wanting to embrace his human heritage. It's a means of drawing character parallels and contrasts between Clark and Lois, how they're both doing everything they can to fight for their ideals and how Clark is fundamentally an idealist who masks a great burden while Lois is a cynic who masks that deep down she's still idealistic. And, ultimately, it explains pretty eloquently what Superman is all about:

The most powerful being on Earth fights to save the world not by ruling it, but by speaking truth to power.

It's why Superman is both a symbol of what we should strive for and a fertile ground of engaging characterization.

The journalism didn't feel like it had that kind of significance in Man of Steel, and that, more than anything, if what I'd like to see. Even if the rest of the movie is terrible, if they make the fact that Clark Kent is a reporter for a major metropolitan newspaper actually matter, I will be very happy.
Yeah I completely agree about the journalism thing. It's why I dreamt of inter gang being the villain in the sequel. I thought the movie could start with Bruno Manheim (played by David Duchovny) meeting Superman and telling him "you lay a finger on me, and my people will blow up a building in Metropolis", Superman then cannot beat Intergang the classical way (of just punching like a lunatic like in the the Justice League Animated Series or in MoS), but instead he and Lois have to investigate together, and close in on inter gang one piece of evidence at a time. The movie could possibly end with Superman needing Lex's help to take down inter gang.

I figured a good scene would be Superman going to meet Lex to ask for his help, Lex saying he doesn't need help, then Superman x-rays him and shows him that inter gang has bugged his suit, and Lex looks horrified. The movie could end with both Superman and Lex receiving medals as great protectors of Metropolis, and there's a big ceremony for them.

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