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Originally Posted by Loganbabe View Post
And personally I think that McAvoy is better than Fassbender. He's been getting rave reviews for his performance in Filth, was nominated for an Olivier this year for Macbeth, not counting past great roles in films like Atonement. The reason why I put him ahead of Fassbender is his range - I don't know many actors nowadays who can play a faun, a romantic lead in period pieces, an awkward nerd, a superhero, a violent cocaine addicted bi-polar cop - be believable and bring emotional depth and truthfulness to all these roles.

And I love Hugh as an actor, I would never put him below Fassbender. Maybe he made some wrong choices in his career, films that limited him, but when he finds the right script and the right director he's fantastic. The man is super talented all around. The truth is, he's very much the face of this franchise, he's brilliant as Wolverine, he's a star, why wouldn't his name come ahead of everybody's else? I bet the whole cast is happy with this; I know I am.
I didn't even notice Hugh's name was above the title in the trailer until someone pointed it out. And my only reaction to it was bracing for inevitable griping that was sure to follow about it.

Again, I love this cast and it doesn't matter to me who goes where. DOFP has come up in conversation a few times with some friends and co-workers over the past, and not one of them asked about the billing. Really, no one cares.

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