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Default Re: Half Happy With The Wolverine - Am I The Only One?

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Its definitely the final act which underwhelms on the 1st watch, and it is the last thing you see so its not surprising people feel this way. Movie endings and last acts are very important.

I remember loving Death Proof when I first saw it because all I could remember was the car chase, I remember being very dissapointed in TDKR until the last 10 mins when everything wrapped superbly, I have since grown to like the whole movie. But yeah, on 1st viewings especially they are important.
See a good ending can make a movie better like in the case of TDKR. But a bad ending can also break a movie like in the case of The Wolverine.

Everything up until the final fight and the reveal of old man master plan was pretty great in The Wolverine. I would have like it to be more like the comic though. Less spectacle and more personal. Some samurai swordplay from Logan and some inner meditation stuff would have been nice. Hoping there's a quieter scene like that in the extended cut.

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