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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
The lack of character development. First of all, the villain is very weak and when I say weak, its not about physical strength, its about being a character. Not only there was little background to Malekith, he just didn't have any personality, he was very stoic. I also couldn't care about his henchman. Then the supporting characters that we already saw in the 1st movie didn't do much and I don't they improved from the 1st movie. We didn't know anything new about Sif and the Warriors Three. Odin wasn't really interesting in this movie. Heimdall didn't do much besides his 1 action scene. I couldn't care less about Jane's friends and actually my least favorite scenes before the climax were the scenes from Earth. It only made sense to me that they keep showing those three (including the new intern) when they will help Thor in the climax. Then it raised another question to me, Asgard is so advance in technology yet they don't have this machine/equipments that Jane are using? Then Thor, I liked that in the 1st movie, it was a journey of a boy turning into a man, but in this movie? I don't know what to say.

Visually, the tribute to Thor's mother was stunning, amazing visuals right there. But the problem is I just don't care for the character and they didn't show that were really grieving. First of all, where's the tears? And then this Loki-mother relationship came out of nowhere. Well they just had 1 scene in this movie and in the 1st Thor movie, I never found them to have this strong connection. Good for Loki that we saw another layer from him but I just don't think it was executed very well.

Humour. I didn't like the humour at all. I thought it was very unnecessary and I just feel like its very kiddie. In theater I went, it got laughs from kids and girls. But I didn't laugh at all and I don't hear any guys laughing. Loki saying "tadah", Jane Frost punching Loki's face, the shape-shifting scenes which featured Captain America. They just felt very forced and natural. And I didn't expect Loki to be joking around that much. And I don't like when Thor took a subway ride, not the best time for that.

The relationship between Thor and Jane Frost was meh. You know what one of the things I liked in the first movie was the relationship between Thor and Jane but in this movie, I just don't think Thor is really attracted to Jane. Heck, if Jane didn't get that red smoke, Thor probably wouldn't have visited her. Thor has been visiting other realms for quite some time and that machine that Loki broke in the first movie was fixed for some unknown reason. Then when Jane got that red smoke and she started to feel weak (starting when they rode that weird-looking plane), I don't feel any sense of feeling from Thor that he might lose Jane just like his mother and Loki. Miss opportunity right there. I don't know if they explained this or not, but I don't remember them explaning why Thor/Odin aren't exploding but when Jane was touched by an unnamed character, that person exploded right away. I know Thor/Odin are gods but they didn't explain that.

And lastly, the flow of the movie wasn't really good. I just don't like the structure of the movie. Then if you're not paying that much attention to the movie, I don't think you would understand some things. Like for example, I got this realigning of realms but I don't think they explained that much and yes I remember that scene of Selvig discussing about it. Also things went so fast especially the ending, just 2 scenes before the credits after all that trouble. And the last scene was confusing and I wish they handled that differently especially with Loki still being alive. Then the mid-credits scene was interesting but a bit random and it could have been executed better, I wish they had a scene capturing that red smoke and then there's a scene of Thor or someone telling Sif and that redhead guy to take it to the Collector. And the mid-credits scene wasn't filmed very nicely, it looked rushed.

And another minor problem. In some of the daylight scenes, the lighting was a bit dark and I didn't like it and it was very noticable.

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