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Well, he was.
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Default Re: Which film is better? Thor or Thor: the Dark World?

^ Of course, nothing wrong with that.

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
I hope voters aren't voting for TDW simply because its new and they just saw it in theater.
That tends to happen for some whenever a new movie comes out. It is immideatley better than past movies because it's new.

I don't agree with it but it happens often, i've seen people rank ASM the best Spidey and MOS the best Superman. I'm not saying they aren't but they ranked higher in many cases because they're new and hyping.

I usually don't like to rank movies among others until after 6 months or so and the 'hype' has worn off

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
Fans: We're over the black leather suits. Give us more comic accurate!
-production gives us comic-book accurate costumes-
Fans: They look too much like the comics/cartoon. UGH! WTF!

No wonder studios don't listen to us, we don't know what the hell we want.
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