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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

For me, the final shot of TDW is underwhelming because it doesn't seem like a big enough change in status quo. Loki's on the throne. So what? He already did that in Thor 1.

The previous change in status quo is that Loki was redeemed; but this ending reverted that. Fine.
With Loki staying true to himself, the only thing that's different and interesting is that he 'may' have killed Odin, and that Thor's trust has shown to be misplaced. But the movie doesn't show you this.

Since Odin's fate is unclear, and since we don't get to see Thor learn that his trust in his brother was misplaced, the Thor/Loki story in this movie ends up not being very satisfying, to me at least. It feels merely like a waste of a developed relationship in this movie and a hint that interesting stuff could possibly come in the next movie.

I would have liked to see Odin's death (And if he isn't dead, then that's just a repeat of the first movie), and I would have liked to see Thor react to this revelation. Perhaps Loki (as Odin) is able to send Thor to prison for his crimes (mirroring the scene of Loki in prison) and perhaps sentencing him to the death penalty. Total Loki ownage. End the movie with Sif sacrificing herself to allow Thor to escape to Earth, reuniting with Jane as a convict (and being in the right place for Avengers 2).

But this sort of would have felt like another climax in the movie, going back to another complaint of mine: I wish the climax of the movie wasn't the generic Malekith plot but rather something with the Loki/Thor relationship that the movie was developing.

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