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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

  • Asgard
    It had a much more complete, and 'lived in' feel compared to the original Thor. There's also that one scene in particular... the funeral scene; that was incredible looking.. hit you were it needed to but it was strangely relaxing at the same time
  • Thor
    Hemsworths best performance in the role to date. I just wish we would've got some more from the Thor/Sif angle, that's one point I really hoped would've been explored more, and it probably could've been expanded upon a bit more.
  • Action
    No description needed, just incredible action scenes and the action in general was greatly improved upon compared to the original.
  • Humour
    It was for me easily the funniest Marvel film to date but without getting too silly or goofy, I thought IM3 went too far at times.. this found the right balance with some genuinely witty and hilarious moments. ahem -Captain America had the entire audience in a fair bit of laughter for a while.

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