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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
Hmm. I wouldn't use that as a direct comparison because "I am your father" happens in the climax, and the movie has an entire denouement, and the moment doesn't undermine the story of the movie.

For me, the ending of TDW is underwhelming because it doesn't seem like a big enough change in status quo (rather it reverts the previous change that the movie developed with Loki's redemption). Loki's on the throne. So what? He already did that in Thor 1.

The only thing that's different and interesting is that he 'may' have killed Odin, and that Thor's trust has shown to be misplaced.

But since Odin's fate is unclear, and since we don't get to see Thor learn that his trust in his brother was misplaced, the Thor/Loki story in this movie ends up not being very satisfying, to me at least.

I would have liked to see Odin's death (And if he isn't dead, then that's just a repeat of the first movie), and I would have liked to see Thor react to this revelation. Perhaps Loki (as Odin) is able to send Thor to prison for his crimes (or sentence him to the death penalty). End the movie with Sif sacrificing herself to allow Thor to escape to Earth, reuniting with Jane.

But this sort of would have felt like another climax in the movie, going back to another complaint of mine: I wish the climax of the movie wasn't the generic Malekith plot but rather something with the Loki/Thor relationship that the movie was developing.
I think it's very similar. ESB doesn't just leave that unresolved, it leaves everything unresolved, so saying that it's different because it's part of the climax is something I don't agree with.

You don't need to change the status quo to have an arc. In this case I think it actually makes for the best arc as it doesn't follow the standard redemption arc, and it's truly in character for Loki because he is a trickster at heart. He might do good things but he will never be trustworthy.

There's also quite the difference between sitting on the throne because Odin happened to need the Odinsleep and Thor was away, and to sit on it because he actually managed to get rid of Odin somehow and he's convinced people that he is Odin. A very different position of power and trust, and given the timing he'll probably have a lot more time to use that power.

I guess we just disagree though, which is fine. For all the criticism against repetition your example seem to do plenty of that as well.

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