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Default Re: SUPER UBER SPOILERMANIA: The Ending... What Does It Mean?

Originally Posted by jmc View Post
Because they've done it at the expense of other areas of the movie, like what the hell happened to Heimdall for instance? Frankly, Loki being dead or not is something that really needed to be addressed because there was a sense of closure already. There's nothing complex about him sitting on a throne, in fact it makes the entire scene with Thor grieving over him redundant. Gone is the possibility that he might come back, that answer was given to us already. Ultimately it's like nothing has changed for the series.
Why does it matter more what happened to a minor character? It's not like that is a big mystery. At worst put in a dungeon for a while and it changes nothing as he had been taken off duty when he committed treason.

And this isn't just addressing whether Loki lives, it's setting up a special situation for the future. And of course there's something complex about him sitting on the throne. It's all in the how? You can't seriously tell me that you don't think there's some really big obstacles for him to get there? Give me the answer to this then if there's no complexity to it.

Why is it redundant that Thor grieves? Loki hasn't been shown to be alive at that points. Do you realize how much of movies in general that can be named redundant with that logic?

And nothing has changed for the series? A villain sits on the throne of Asgard but all is the same? I'm starting to think you're just having a go.

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