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Default Re: Ties between TWS and AoS

It would be nice having Maria Hill added to the show as a regular. While I was really critical of the show in preceding posts, I took some time today to watch the most recent episode and rewatch another one, I have to say, the show is getting better. One of the problems that needs to be addressed is delivering on the characterization. We are told Ward is a seasoned agent, yet he acts like a noob (such as when he was trying to shadow someone in '...Flower Dress.) If they delivered on it - namely, showing him acting like a seasoned professional and added a dash of Dirty Harry (not to overdo it, tho-we don't need a Frank Miller psychopath running around,) then there will be some improvements. Also, the other problem that needs to be addressed is the intention of the show: is it trying to subvert the the superhero/procedural narrative or trying to build off it? The creative needs to decide on a direction and stick with it, instead of flip-flopping between these two policies. Once they do that and stick with it, the show will flow a lot better. It has nothing to do with the humor; the Marvel films are known for the humor. It is just trying to build off a cinematic tradition and undercutting it on the same time does not create innovation, but negates all progress.

There are flashes or brilliance in the show; they need to be fully extracted so that the program take flight.

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