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Default Re: What did you LIKE and ENJOY about Iron Man 3 [SPOILERS]

It really upped the stakes, it made for a more compelling movie when Tony is pushed to his limits.

Great score! It's memorable IMO.

Interesting final act... IM 1 and 2 didn't finish strong. IM 3 delivered.

Tension broken up by humor/ the lethal weaponesque feel to the movie kept it fresh... Changing directors was smart. I think if they stayed with Favreau again this movie would've turned out stale, which I didn't see a lot of critics complaining about cause Shane Black took the series in a new direction and kept it fresh and funny.

Great conclusion to the series. He'll be back for A2, but for Iron Man movies I feel like it was a satisfying finish. (who knows, with additional Avengers and his new remote suit capabilities, he may be a little more hands off in the future.) actually probably not, people don't want to see that

Anyhow, a lot to like, the movie worked for me, it's kinda too bad so many 'hardcore fans' had so many gripes. I was laughing my ass off during the Mandarin twist, it was so awesome that they kept the secret under wraps.

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