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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by ddddeeee View Post
Hemsworth and Hiddleston are absolutely terrific together, their chemistry is off the charts.
Loki in general is at his best here. Hiddleston knocks it out of the stadium.
I loved Frigga and the aftermath of her big moment was stunning and the movie's highlight.
Malekith, while underdeveloped, is the biggest threat of the MCU to date, same for Kurse.
Dennings is funnier here than Thor.
Visuals are insane in a great way, the fantasy/sci-fi hybrid works really well.
It has the single best and funniest cameo I can think of.
The end battle is really creative.
The ending will lead to endless evaluations of the movie.
Dude ! Nicely put, You sum up very succinctly, everything that was right about this film.

I thought that the magic/technology hybrid (flying Viking boats) was nicely done, gave the film sort of a star wars feel. Ordinarily that would seem weird, but here it really worked -especially, the look of the Dark Elves' technology, combined with truly amazing visuals, really did make the film a treat to watch. (although those Asgardians did tend to bring swords to a gun fight).

the only thing I disagree with you on is Dennings, but that's cause I'm not a fan. I notice you didn't mention the Thor-Jane romance.... it wasn't particularly convincing, but enough of that, this is the good stuff thread !

I too think Malekith was a bit underused, but still Eccleston radiated plenty of menace. He gets very few lines, but manages to be convincingly evil, a legitimate threat.

Something else that worked was the body count. A lot of Asgardian warriors died, which did a lot to enhance the credibility of the threat posed by the villains -we believe that Malekith and co are a serious, potentially apocalyptic problem.

Hemsworth did a good job, and I liked the more serious side of Thor we see in a lot of this film (just not a lot of chemistry with Portman) but wow, did TDW ever showcase Hiddleston ! He owned every scene he was in, I mean, usually a guy sitting in a cell wouldn't be very interesting, but even those parts of TDW were fun to watch. Whatever bits the writers didn't cover well, they more than made up for in the writing for Loki, and the Loki -Thor scenes.

In any action film, a great turn by the villain can save the whole thing. IN general TDW was a good solid super-hero fantasy-actioner, but Hiddleston's performance kicked it up a level. He gets better with every appearance as Loki (kind of like McKellen as Magneto). And of course, the cameo, that was a clever bit of writing (other than the romance scenes, the writing is very good, for the genre )

Got to give big props to Anthony Hopkins, he's a tiny little man, but has a huge presence as the All-father.

Overall, I rate this film slightly better than Avengers.

amazing visuals + (mostly) good writing + solid performance by leads +one outstanding performance (Hiddleston) + credible villains = hugely enjoyable film.

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