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Originally Posted by sf2 View Post
all the soldiers have seen him up close and personal...

the secret identity is not an issue. audience is willing to buy the glasses because that's part of the legend.
but also the military has a vested interest in keeping his identity secret so they can call on him as they need it. If Clark was known he'd be a flight risk, he couldn't be anywhere without attention reserved for the second coming of Jesus. People would bow to him, radicals would scorn him as a devil spawn, all sorts of radical reactions.
The military know who he is, where he is, and would be able to contact him privately as an "american agent" so to speak.

Except for a few people in smallville (who were probably under too much stress to remember his features) and that family (again probably packing brown cakes in their pants) no one else has seen him.

One suspects Perry will figure it out.

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