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Default Re: What did you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Hemsworth did a good job, and I liked the more serious side of Thor we see in a lot of this film (just not a lot of chemistry with Portman) but wow, did TDW ever showcase Hiddleston ! He owned every scene he was in, I mean, usually a guy sitting in a cell wouldn't be very interesting, but even those parts of TDW were fun to watch. Whatever bits the writers didn't cover well, they more than made up for in the writing for Loki, and the Loki -Thor scenes.

In any action film, a great turn by the villain can save the whole thing. IN general TDW was a good solid super-hero fantasy-actioner, but Hiddleston's performance kicked it up a level. He gets better with every appearance as Loki (kind of like McKellen as Magneto).
Loki is definitely one of the all time great villains in superhero movies and he fits so well in because Tom and Chris have great chemistry and the two being so dissimilar actually works to their advantage. One of the most important parts is that they've been together in three movies and every time they've had a different dynamic with each other. That saves exposure fatigue both within the movies and from the comics into the movies as well.

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