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Default Re: We Need an X-Factor film

I too would like to seee X-Factor, but there are really only two good ways to do it.

One would be with the first cast of X-Factor (the original 5 X-Men), but this doesn't work in this movie timeline debacle.

The second would be to start it off with the new X-Factor, a government agency, consisting of characters like Quicksilver, Multiple-Man, Strong Guy (how cool would Guido be?), Havok and Polaris, along with Forge.

The problem there is that Havok is a main piece of that X-Factor working, and again, they screwed that up in this movie incarnation of the X-Men. It's like they just threw cool characters into different movies without thinking about who should be where and the ramifications of those decisions to the timeline and future movies.

The casting/characters were good (mostly) in X-MEn #1 and #2, but then things went bad. So bad that I believe the only way to be able to make X-Factor what it should be is to reboot (like 6 years from now) the whole X-Men franchise and this time stick to the canon gold that most of us love!

Start with the real First Class and then go from there! That could lead to X-Factor and then it could lead to X-Force and X-Calibre.

If they force it, which is what they would have to do at this point due to the bad timeline issues, it will ruin what could work!

Plus the actors are aging and will need to be replaced (rebooted) sometime in the next few years!

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