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Default Re: The Official Batman (1989) Thread - Part 4

I just watched this movie last night. Yes this was my Halloween night movie of choice this year. I've always been a Batman fan since I was a child. But this movie is what really grabbed me and made me become a die hard fan, its what got me reading comics and the toys and etc. as a child. This movie I will always hold very close to heart.

During last nights viewing (its been a couple years since I watched it) had me smiling ear to ear, I'm sure I had to be looking like Jack's Joker the entire time. My wife is like you are such a kid

It funny during this viewing even more so than in the past I noticed several scenes that reminded me of something, then it hit me. Several scenes from TDK must have been a little wink back to this film as well I seen several scenes that were comparable. I've noticed this before, but I guess more stood out this time due to the fact I watched TDK not to long ago.

But anyway, long live Keaton and Batman 89

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