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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
Thor: The Dark World

Thor reminds me of Iron Man 2 but with a cooler setting.

It sets up a lot of potential story points and themes and does nothing with them. The actual plot is extremely basic by the movie's end. It took me a while to get into the movie. It starts quite unspectacularly, and its climax is quite unspectacular.

However, it gets by on a good amount of jokes and memorable lines per minute. And it's extremely well realized visually. Asgard is just amazing and I just had fun being there.

However, although it's fun, it's not satisfying overall. It doesn't have a good 'core'. Somehow less satisfying than the original, which had underwhelming set pieces, etc, but a simpler better executed story arc with more heart. So I can't say I wasn't disappointed.

6.5/10. (Pretty much in line with the Rotten tomatoes average rating of 6.6).

Man of Steel

Got into it right away with the birth scene and was captivated right up until the tentacle scene at the end when the third act became monotonous. The climax was powerful however and the ending was uplifting.

I found the core of the movie, the main themes, etc, to be quite powerful. Loved all the flashbacks etc.

This movie also did a good job of amazing me. It felt like it raised the bar for the superhero genre in some ways. You've never seen superheros fly or fight quite like this.

My only major complaint other than the pacing is that I wish its climax didn't fade out on a downer. It ultimately doesn't feel 'hopeful', and the overall realization of the main theme is a little bit diminished. There's also some really bad CG at times during the Smallville fight.

Agreed on the MOS part except from the bold bald of course there were details but not as you've said (CGI talking) and the fight on Smallville has some details but IMO there were cause the speed of the kryptonians that moved so fast that the movements were pretty difficult to stand.. I felt the fight was so real.. (look at the featurette of all about action and most of the shots in smallville weren't CGI and the CGI of superman is the most difficult cause the lack of mask and he shows his face and from the showed it was AWESOME IMO...
not only in the ending but also in all the movie the hope was there, the "never give up" was there.. and for me the final round (perry with jenny and superman fighting with courage to destroy the we that's hope for me in two scenes) obviously the consequences from MOS were catastrophic due to the threat but Superman do his best even being so confused and novice... just can't agree with you about the climax was great and managed well the action, music and emotions in the third act made an awesome one they left the ending of the casualties on the air, but that could be connected in the beginning ala BB-TDK, for me the priority was to show origins, how he became superman and if they didn't use it could make the connection stronger and of course don't forget the beautiful scene from Clark's child and the DP scene that if those were somehow interrupted by them the movie wouldn't have jumped that great IMO and don't forget Superman's reaction at the end worth it.. I guess you confused hope with fun and the movie being too much perfection and smiling all the time wasn't the type of it


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