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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Cav-El, I like that !

Good question. The underlying issue is superman's vulnerability to magic,
but putting that aside, Kurse is shown to be physically stronger and
more injury resistant to Thor.

Given during the final battle with Zod, Superman smashed through several skyscrapers and then a satellite and then re-entered earth's atmosphere and smashed into a train station (although he and Zod must have substantially slowed their descent, otherwise that impact alone would have levelled all of Metropolis) without so much as a scratch, I would say the edge definitely goes to Superman. I'm trying to think of the biggest thing Supes lifts. He struggles to stop the escape pod crashing into Earth's atmosphere (but then again if you add it's acceleration, probably about mach 24, or about 20,000 miles an hour which would dramatically
increase its mass). He struggles to lift the oil rig tower, but the giant throws a locomotive at him (in a subtle joke, because we all know Supes is more powerful than a what...) so we can assume Clark is just as strong.

Okay, sorry I got carried away, after all that definitely edge to Superman.
The issue I think in a fist fight would be that Mjolnir would definitely hurt Supes (but then he'd probably be worthy enough to lift it), and thor's lighting and weather powers would be a problem.
However, in terms of raw power, and strength, big Edge to Superman.
Some of the shots Supes took from Zod, would have certainly killed comparison, Thor actually bleeds in this film.

Personally, I have always thought Supes' main advantage would be speed.
Thor is very strong and tough, but Supes can move nearly as fast as the Flash, he'd have hit Thor about 100 times before the Asgardian had seen him move.

Having said that, Supes isn't a terribly aggressive fighter, he usually waits to get hit, before hitting someone else -which would give Thor a bit of an edge.

If you liked Thor, and enjoyed MOS, you'll enjoy TDW, visually spectacular and enjoyable (but don't expect Shakespeare or Jane Austen in terms of the drama).

Thanks for the reply dude ! Following on from this thread, where's the best place for me to start a Superman vs Thor, who would win, thread,
so I can get the most replies and generate the most fierce debate
(especially from Thor fans) ? Any thoughts ?
In the THOR: THE DARK WORLD section there is a thread for MOS VS THOR. Hope this helps.

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