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Default Re: Surtur vs Gorr - Battle of The Titans

Originally Posted by ares834 View Post
Surtur for sure. After all, he can contend with Odin.

Gorr is good, but he is matched by the three Thors. Admittedly Old Thor wields the waning Odin-force (he calls it the Thor-Force now) but it is made pretty clear that it isn't as powerful as it once was.
The three Thors couldn't beat him in battle, his defeat comes from modern day Thor's effort when the God Bomb detonates.

As for the Thor-Force, the old king though it was gone but it comes back to him and I don't think anyone states anything about lessened power. He's wielded it far longer than Odin did so he's certainly good at using it. After the battle he both brings modern day Thor back to life, and he throws a planet into a black hole, all without making a big deal out of it. The Thors also have two Mjolnirs.

Surtur is very powerful and can contend with Odin, but Gorr slays an Elder God (plus all the pantheons he's completely wiped out alone).

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