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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Oscorp View Post
I expect them both to be full on comedies. GotG however is a more honest one, becuase it basically should be very comedic and the SDCC footage didn't hide it.

Cap 2 will most definitely be a full on comedy. The difference here though is that they will market it as a grand, intensive film with an awesome threat, whereas in reality whatever little threat or drama there is will be overshadowed by tons of silliness. That's how they've marketed the two latest films so I have no doubt in my mind that that's the case for Cap as well.

And before someone accuses me of being a "Nolan fanboy" or whatever, I actually love me some comedy and I think films like Iron Man are perfectly balanced. I just don't see any good story telling in having comic relief in every single scene.

Seriously, I think the marketing Marvel Studios is going for with these movies are as dishonest as the marketing was for Spider-Man 3, except Spider-Man 3 was much crappier.
And I don't see any good conversation coming from hyperbole.

I'd say that all CBM's have their flaws that have to be weighed against their strengths. Comedy is a counter-balance for emotional weight so it's certainly possible to lose something, as well to gain something. On the flip side the gritty "realism" of Nolan's movies causes some things to not really make sense because the mood of the movies tells me to expect decent realism (the movies generally keep one tone, and then break it here and there). That's not meant as taking a stab, if anyone thinks that. I like those movies too.

So you can say something against good storytelling in every single CBM. They all have their flaws and I don't think any of them is more than entertainment, although that's not a negative thing.

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