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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

What I meant was that, for me, relying so much on trying to be funny all the time is their way of getting away with a very bland story which was the case with Thor 2 IMO.

A film can definitely be funny AND have a great story, but when I left the theatre all I could feel was that the film was damn funny at times, but there really wasn't much more to it. It made the film feel very soulless.

There was alot of potential but they wasted it on comic relief in unnecessary ways. I always bring up this example, sorry for that but I just think it reflects that so well, but the final battle could have been pretty much perfect had they not cut to Darcy in similar ways as to how the final battle in SM3 got interrupted by unnecessary comic relief (except that fight wasn't that good to begin with). One of the best scenes in the film IMO was the funeral scene because that felt like the only time they let something emotional or serious breathe.

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