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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by Batmannerism View Post
Dude ! Really ? Totally respect your opinion of course.

Interesting that we agreed pretty much completely on MOS,
which is total awesomeness, but liked totally different parts of the movie.

By contrast I hated the mid-credits scene, I suppose that I just
couldn't reconcile Del Toro's Collector, with the one I remember reading
(a long time ago, as the Collector is a Marvel character from waaayyy
back !).

As for Thor TDW vs IM3, wow, I found IM3 better than IM2, which made
it okay, but not great (whereas IM was awesome) I suppose the fire-breathing super soliders just didn't work for me, and I liked the Mandarin from the comic books a bit too much to appreciate the twist - in a different genre or even a different comic book, it would have worked, but not with a character so well established as the Mandarin. It would be like finding out, in Xmen, that the real brains behind the Brotherhood of evil mutants was the Toad, and that Magneto was just his stooge (oddly, even that sounds better than the IM 3 twist).

What do you think about Marvel's use of humour in their films ?

The humour in Thor TDW was a bit more subdued than in Thor, whereas IM 3 had substantially more than IM 2, and a lot more than IM.
Personally it didn't work for me in IM3, I just found Tony kind of irritating
, his "eccentric genius billionaire playboy" routine got a bit old.

Thor, by contrast, showed a more serious side -now the romance scenes were pretty average, but I thought Hemsworth carried it off well.

I'm surprised you didn't find Malekith reasonably menacing, he was a nasty piece of work. But he desperately needed more dialogue, (especially dialogue in English, not elvish). Kurse, I agree wasn't great, he needed a lot more personality (maybe he should have obviously enjoyed doing bad stuff more - I thought that Mjolnir had more personality than Kurse, and it's just a freakin' hammer.

Now I totally agree that MOS was a better film, and I don't get why people don't find hope in the ending. Come on, at last the guy's out of hiding and walking among the human race - sure it took a near apocalypse to get there, but that's all that matters.

Anyway, sorry you didn't enjoy TDW that much, I thought it was the best Marvel outing this year. What surprises me is I liked the film, and I'm not a Thor fan, whereas some Thor fans didn't

Thanks for the post dude ! Roll on BM v SM in 2015.
I don't like that much and in here it was ocassions that there wasn't needed, in fights, and some made them silly I didn't like it neither IM3 neither this one IMO...
But I like the humor in the Avengers and Iron MAn I they handled pretty good (better in IM1 IMO)


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