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Default Re: Write-A-Scene for the Superman/Batman movie

Here's a smaller one, a kind of post-adventure breakdown:
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

SCENE: Lex Luthor's pimped out office. Lex is busy answering a phone call, obviously irritated and annoyed. Bruce Wayne, on the other hand, is chill-axing on Luthor's couch, and making eyes at the overly stoic Mercy.

LUTHOR: Tell Hamilton if he leaves we'll cut his pension. (Pause) Tell him we'll seize his work, proprietary corporate ownership and all that. (Pause) Oh, for-. Huh. Just see if you can stop him.

LUTHOR hangs up.

BRUCE: Everything cool, man?

LUTHOR: Mostly, yes. Unfortunately, one of my top scientists is attempting to resign, claiming he doesn't trust the financial viability of this company in the wake of the second alien spaceship to attack this city. (Deadpan) I don't see why. We only lost 125 million.

BRUCE: Really?

LUTHOR: General Eiling was very forthcoming with all sorts of funds from rather shady sources. His arrest throws all that into the light, but what's spent is spent. And I've made LexCorp's policy minimum investment for maximum profit, unlike you Wayne Enterprises. (Seeming helpful) If your company needs any help, I'd be glad to....

BRUCE: (Huge Smile) We're fine, dude. We're insured!

LUTHOR: (Incredulous) You're ensured for some masked freak sabotaging your satellites and crashing it down on two aliens capable of tearing apart an entire city?

BRUCE: Well, yeah. Two aliens wrecked up our satellite a year ago, if you remember, and two more things. I live in Gotham. I'm working in Metropolis. Got to know the territory, man.

LUTHOR: (Extremely displeased) There's only one insurance company in the world that offers coverage for alien attack in Metropolis.

BRUCE: Yeahhhh..... LexSafe. Sorry, man.

LUTHOR: Well, at least it's not all bad news. With Superman's unfortunate disappearance, and that vigilante's death, maybe things will start returning to normal around here.

BRUCE: (Looking behind Luthor) ....Whoa.

LUTHOR pauses, grimaces, then slowly turns around to see SUPERMAN floating behind him. Completely unsurprised, Luthor glares at Superman. Mercy strides forward, but Luthor calls her off with a gesture.

LUTHOR: Well, speak of the devil. It's good to see you Superman.


LUTHOR: Would you like to come in?


LUTHOR: (Looking around at the city, walking forward a bit and refusing to look up at Superman) This city owes you a debt of gratitude, yet again...alien. I know what that's like. They'll look up to you and praise you as long as you seem unbeatable, immortal, and pure in your purpose. But let's be honest. No hero soars forever. Someday, they're going to look up here, and see one of us has fallen, and that's going to be a day everyone remembers, for better or for worse. It ought to be interesting to see which of us falls first.

SUPERMAN: Yes. It will. I'll be watching out for you...Lex.

LUTHOR: (giving Superman a casual glance) Luthor, if you please.

SUPERMAN: Hm. Have a nice day, Lex. And if you ever need to know where to look for me, just look up.

SUPERMAN flies off, Luthor glares daggers at him, and BRUCE starts laughing. It's a little creepy. LUTHOR and HOPE both look at him.

BRUCE: Sorry, man. He's just...really cool.

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