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Default Will Hawkeye Still be a Part of SHIELD in AoU?

Theory time.

So, we saw in Thor: The Dark World that Erik Selvig has become some kind of insane scientist and a laughing stock since the Avengers, what with streaking in Stonehenge and delivering astrophysics talks to mental patients. To me, the movie gave the impression that Selvig had lost his job because of his co-operation with Loki, even though he was under mind control.

Which got me thinking, this also happened to Hawkeye. Black Widow had to fight him herself, and knock him out. The character is also notably absent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier next year, the movie that most people thought he would turn up in and where he fits best. Instead of a three-way team of Cap, Black Widow and Hawkeye, it's Cap, Black Widow and Falcon.

Now, after he was snapped out of it in Avengers he went on to help in the Battle of New York, which you could argue means he's still in the employ of SHIELD, but the Helicarrier was in disarray at that point and Cap knew that he'd be useful in battle.

What if Hawkeye isn't a SHIELD agent anymore? Maybe I'm just overthinking all this and he's on some mission in TWS, but it would be interesting to see Hawkeye grow into an actual hero. Whedon said himself he plays a big part in the film, and one of my early ideas was that he's working as some kind of international hero and co-operating with Nick Fury, Cap and Natasha who would have gone underground at the end of TWS.

What do you guys think? Does Hawkeye work better as an Agent of SHIELD or as his own hero/Avenger?

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