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Default Re: Surtur vs Gorr - Battle of The Titans

Yes, Gorr's weapon gets stronger by the blood of gods. That's one of his traits so why does it matter how he does it? Gorr still killed an elder god, which stands above a Sky-father.

It doesn't say that it's less powerful, just that he had lost contact with it (or it had replenished from a spent state). Odin took help from Surfer to bring Beta Ray Bill to life once, King Thor revived Thor on his own without making much of it. All this shows that comics aren't consistent so it's always problematic to compare. Thor becomes a more powerful god than Odin as Thor has elder god blood in him, so even while the King Thor in this story is broken he was likely more powerful once but Gorr was the one who broke him, purposefully prolonging his agony.

This is furthered in that Aaron even pushed Thor to, for a moment, be the god of the gods but said he still won't have Thor use the God-Blast and such abilities because he thinks that the stories are better when he writes Thor with limits.

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