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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Maybe it's over the top, but I feel the same. After watching Iron Man 3, and reading that Thor 2 is basically the same, my interest for the rest of the Phase 2 Movies is waning fast. No one is asking for a Nolan treatment, just that the Movies get the balance right, just like the Phase 1 Movies did. Or like all the other Movies made by FOX and Sony at the moment. Wolverine seems to be the only Movie that got the balance right this year. It was character focused, but not void of humor. And the humor never went so far, that the Movie lost any dramatic weight.
When will people start grasping the fundamental concepts of subjectivity and objectivity?

Even looking at majorities most people have liked it this far. You can hear both fans here say that they felt the balance was right, as has some professional reviewers stated just that. And on the other hand, you still had some people complaining about all the movies in phase one that they were too humorous (well, not TIH).

But no, I guess the people making movies that don't cater to your personal taste just does things wrong.

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