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Default Re: What didn't you like about T:TDW?

Originally Posted by Godzilla2000 View Post
Disney/Marvel needs to stop smoking whatever happy weed they're smoking and get serious, start giving a picky moviegoer like me some high stakes drama or my interest will start waning for their product.
Thing is, that "happy weed" has brought them success on a level other studios are just dreaming of at the moment. When you are getting their critic scores and box office what would be the point in completely changing their films with heavier dramatic tones? The goal is to have that audience, critic and box office success. They got all that. Stakes are still there but maybe just not to everyones liking. Theres still plenty to dig. I like that all these films feel different yet we can buy they all take place in th same universe. Thats a huge accomplishment that only MS has done. Cap and Guardians really look and feel so different from eachother. I still can't believe we are even getting a GOTG movie, none the less a big budget one that is taking a risk on embracing the weird. I don't want that flick feeling like X-Men or ASM. The overly serious moments in those films have had there misses as well.

I think its awesome that all these studio films are giving us something different. If they all felt the same in tone people would be complaining even more. We got the variety to choose on our own preference now. Can't beat that. Honestly I think we are getting spoiled haha.

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