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Default Re: Surtur vs Gorr - Battle of The Titans

Nothing says what preparation they have. If you make that up you could just as well say that Surtur is fighting Gorr before he becomes one with the weapon, having him far weaker.

The Thor-Force and the Odin-Force is the same thing, it's just called after who has it. Whether it's diminished is hard to say but his feats at the end, which we are only told of, sure implies that it's there in it's old glory.

And as I said, Thor is certainly a greater god than Odin was (at respective times in their lives) and Gorr doesn't beat King Thor when he's broken, he's the one that originally defeats him and kills the entire Asgardian pantheon. That suggests that Gorr beat a god that was greater than Odin.

I'm certainly open to Surtur's chances, I'm just discussing the material because it's fun.

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