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Default Re: The "realism" thread

This isn't quite the right thread, but I couldn't find a more appropriate one. Those here seem to be real thinkers and I am serious about this issue. (Too new to start my own thread)

I love the idea of a superhero. Every kid dreams of being one. But not the way comic books and Hollywood write the stories. What I mean is that a kid dreams of super powers so he can teach the school bully a lesson, or save everyone from a catastrophe or something.

But in the stories there is always a villain with stronger powers that the hero has to battle. Why? A kid doesn't fantasize about having to fight someone else who is stronger than he is. He doesn't have to imagine that. That is what his life already is. He imagines being the all-powerful one.

To me these superhero stories are like those SciFi episodes (any genre) that have nothing to do with space, science, or anything like that. They are just some drama story that just happens to be happening in space or on some other planet. Today's superhero stories are just some good guy being beaten up by some bad guy a little stronger than he is, they just happen to be wearing tights. We already get that in real life (minus the tights and spectacular fight scenes). I want Superhero stories like every one of us dreamt of as a kid. Where a superhero is the most powerful by far, and does a whole lot of good with his powers. Real "feel-good" stories. Not these stress filled stories, that have a little bit of "feel-good" at the very end (maybe).

And if you say that the current superhero stories provide the lesson that the underdog can win, well that's a load of you know what. In the real world if you go up against a superior opponent you lose. So I say forget the life lessons. I want a break from reality and the daily stresses, I get enough of that. I want a superhero that easily kicks every bad guy's butt and always saves the day. (The life lesson could be to not let it go to his head.)

Am I the only one that feels this way?


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