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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Thor The Dark World is "monster of the week" episode in continuing adventures of the MCU that finally reveals what the MCU has essentially become; very expensive, cinematic television for the big screen.

In essence, the plot of this film is meaningless. This film is all about getting to the final moment of the film; to ultimately set up a film that could be biblical, if Feige loosen up the reins.

This is Loki's story. It is not Thor's. Thor's basically doing his duty through out the film with no issues whatsoever, except for how it affects his beloved, Jane. This film is all about the continuing, interesting, and endearing relationship between the family at the heart of this universe. Everything else is window dressing. The heart is Thor and Loki and this film is pure set up to what could be the most emotional MCU film, when it does get made.

The chemistry and charm of the cast is what carries this film, just like the first. Hemsworth and Hiddleston and Hemsworth and Portman are fantastic together. Add in a little Rene Russo, who has chemistry with everyone, and it's just fun watching the Odison family interact.

The aesthetics of this film are the best of the MCU, by far. Mr. Taylor flat out nailed the look and feel of this film. Top marks all away around.

Sadly, he's let down by the script and the editing perimeters of Feige and the Marvel brass. One of the perimeters, which really hurt Iron Man Three, is the comedy. Frankly, it's funny. But, the problem is that the humor is completely misplaced in the 2nd half of the picture. I was kind of stunned with the momentum the film was having that they'd cross cut back to scenes where the humor was the most important element of the scene while the stakes got raised exponentially. The only reason why I'm not ripping the film apart on this aspect in comparison to Iron Man Three is the simple fact that the humor isn't smug or condescending. It's just forced in a number of spots where it had no reason to be there.

It's better than the first film just on the visual look of the film alone but like that first film, it sort of feels like a film Marvel had to get through in order to get to the tale that they really want to. I think that is Thor 3 but I can't begin to guess anymore.

I'll gladly watch it again because I love this cast in this world. I mostly love Taylor's direction. But, I wish they were all given more to do with more weight to the proceedings.

Marvel Studios kind of squandered the potential of this film...kind of.

Just my opinion, of course.