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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
I talk about the excess characters, inconsistent tone and poor world-building in my review, and the misuse of humour and surplus of failed jokes was only one paragraph, I think. We're discussing the jokes more because it's a point I made that other people in the thread were already discussing extensively, so it was picked up on.

As for trying to come off as superior... you misunderstand completely. I don't consider myself superior because I myself found those jokes funny when I was in the target age group (males aged 6-20, approximately). It 's not superiority, it's about being in a different life stage, and therefore the jokes don't resonate with me as much since I'm 29. Being 29 is not superior to being 14, it's different.

I explicitly acknowledged that the fact this movie does appeal to a demographic group (pre-teen and teenage boys) does make it a good movie, in and of itself, because you can't appeal to everybody and appealing to just one core group is a success.
You basically said anyone who likes the humour in this movie is either a teenager or thinks like one. That's insulting mate. This movies are made for the general audience that includes people from all walks of life buddy. That comment you made is nonsensical and insulting to say the least.

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