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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
I talk about the excess characters, inconsistent tone and poor world-building in my review, and the misuse of humour and surplus of failed jokes was only one paragraph, I think. We're discussing the jokes more because it's a point I made that other people in the thread were already discussing extensively, so it was picked up on.

As for trying to come off as superior... you misunderstand completely. I don't consider myself superior because I myself found those jokes funny when I was in the target age group (males aged 6-20, approximately). It 's not superiority, it's about being in a different life stage, and therefore the jokes don't resonate with me as much since I'm 29. Being 29 is not superior to being 14, it's different.

I explicitly acknowledged that the fact this movie does appeal to a demographic group (pre-teen and teenage boys) does make it a good movie, in and of itself, because you can't appeal to everybody and appealing to just one core group is a success. However, since I'm not part of that demographic group, I don't like it.
I don't remember complaining about any excess characters in MoS. What I complained about in inconsistency was mainly saying one thing, showing another, which primarily ties into the world building (Krypton). I didn't find the same in TDW.

Trying to come off as superior is the only reason I can see as it's otherwise just nonsense. I've seen all ages laugh at silly jokes, it's not tied to an age group. Saying that someone acts like a child has always been a way to diminish the other person as well.

As for catering to demographics I find it irrelevant to what's a good movie because I only care what's relevant to me, which would be my own opinion. I think trying to find objective ways to judge movies is pointless.

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