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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by TTFN View Post
Are you for real? He was a huge part in getting done what Loki needed to get the portal open. Seriously? There is no fine details needing to be remembered. Selvig was working with SHIELD and Loki took his and Clint Barton's minds at the same time. That was pretty damn important to the story in TA.
Originally Posted by CosmicPinchy View Post
What?? He was one of Loki's henchmen. He built the machine that allowed the Tesseract to open the portal. Were you drunk when you watched it?
I have only watched the avengers twice, and I was not overly captivated by it the second time (first time was good) so it's normal I forget minor plot details.

I remember that Loki took control of Hawkguy's mind and two other characters. I might have remembered Selvig being there if I had recognised Selvig, but I didn't since I saw Thor 1 after watching the avengers, several months later, so he was just another extra to me.

If you need fine memory of the plot of the avengers to get a scene in Thor 2, then that's really bad.

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