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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
I think Loki betraying then not betraying Thor was supposed to be a plot twist, maybe when you watch it again you can make a note of what sound effects they use, is it dark and ominous? If so it means we're supposed to believe that Loki is backstabbing Thor. Either way, my immediate reaction was "Loki's not really backstabbing Thor".

I thought the funeral scene advanced the plot very much. It set up that we had the death of a very important character (not just in the abstract as in "she's Thor's mother"), the other tombs demonstrated that there were a lot of casualties. It builds tension as now we know that war is coming, it's like when Achilles has a funeral for his cousin in Troy. The funeral scene built up the world of Asgaard, it set up their culture. It's world building. You need to build a sense of place, and the funeral scene did so. In contrast, whereas Asgaard is a primary setting, Selvig is a tertiary character. He doesn't need to be built up, I'm pretty sure that he, Darcy's graduate student, and Jane's failed love interest could all be removed from this film.

I agree I'd be interested in seeing a director's cut of Thor 2. It might be a much better movie.
I was thinking about other stuff while writing so I kind if answered something else than you asked about, sorry about that. I also felt that it was clear that he wasn't actually betraying Thor. For my part I guess the movie didn't even have a chance since people have discussed what might happen ever since some shots from that were released in promos. I didn't find the scene bad for it, but if there was a way to fool me first that's of course optimal. I don't know how that would be done as it's obvious that Loki truly wants revenge, but there might be some way.

I don't think it advances the plot (it's in the same place before and after) but the rest we agree on as that's what I was referring to. It enhances many themes and emotions, and it shows that Asgard was really hurt by the attack. That's why I said that I don't feel a scene needs to advance the plot as there's more things that needs to be done in a movie. As for Selvig he's been a larger character than Frigga in the MCU. He's been in three movies. I'd remove Darcy before him.

Yes, it's a shame that Marvel doesn't do extended cuts. Even if movies work as they are you can be sure that the fans would love to see a longer cut as well. It would basically be free money for them, and the fans might be happier. I guess it might be seen as lacking confidence in the original cut though.

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