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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by TTFN View Post
That's utter crap. You don't read a book 2 or see a movie 2 and know everything without book 1 or movie 1. They are sequels for a reason. If it was a Thor stand alone movie, I'd agree but every trailer, tv spot and interview lets you know that this is a continuation. Perhaps they should have a 5 minute "In case you haven't seen Thor or TA, here's a summary" for viewers with that mindthink but I hardly think it would appeal to the mass majority.
But once more there are plenty of sequels that I have been able to watch without seeing the originals. I saw Pirates 2 before seeing Pirates 1, and it worked because every scene built up Shrek 2 even if it also but not separately built up Shrek 1.

Oh yeah, and I saw The Avengers before seeing Thor :-) I had no trouble following anything.

Thor 2 doesn't just need the knowledge of prequels, it needs fine knowledge of the prequels.

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