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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
I made a conscious effort to avoid the spoilers and previews for this movie. As a general point I think the previews for some comic book movies are too spoilery, I can't speak for the thor 2 previews since I deliberately avoided most of them :-)
Yeah, I only watched the two trailers (couldn't help myself there, as they came so early), nothing else, just to remain unspoiled as much as possible. I ran across that discussion by accident so I hadn't seen the footage but I knew one of the things that happened in that scene.

I think I would have drawn the same conclusion anyway though, but I haven't actually experienced watching the movie without that knowledge.

Originally Posted by DA_Champion View Post
I think building up Asgard as a society and building a sense of place advances the plot. It helps immerse me (presumably others too) in the movie, in the world. Maybe I'm not using the word plot correctly, but for me proper world building is advancing the plot.

We can argue that maybe Selvig advances the plot of the MCU as a whole, but he doesn't advance the plot of Thor 2. IMO, the latter is more important.
I understand what you mean. We agree that it's important.

He does advance the plot in that he didn't only go crazy, he got some insight into a cosmic phenomenon (the one being exploited by the villain). He's providing crucial information to stop Malekith. That's why I'd sooner cut Darcy than Selvig as she is just the funny sidekick.

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