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Default Re: Guardians of the Galaxy: General Discussion & Speculation Thread - Part 6

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Could be; I like that idea for the sake of some semblance of cinematic continuity, rather than just tossing the Odin's Treasury scene from Thor out the window and saying, "Never happened."

The problem with that, as it's always been since the Gauntlet was first seen onscreen, is that you have to create a whole new backstory for that, and pretty much say that the Thanos Quest/Infinity Gauntlet sagas happened in the MCU's distant past....i.e., it won't be something we'll see onscreen, except in flashbacks. It also presupposes that Odin and the Asgardians are well aware of Thanos' existence and power, and that Odin either defeated Thanos and took the Gauntlet from him, or obtained it by other means.

From what I can see, though, it looks like they *are* retconning that scene entirely and throwing it out, in favor of doing an actual Thanos Quest/Infinity Gauntlet saga that will evolve over the course of several movies in the next few years. Meaning that Thanos won't actually create the Gauntlet until all six Stones have been gathered.
Though objects of great power were glimpsed at in Thor's first onscreen outing, they were held in Odin's Trophy Room - not his Armory. The Infinity Gauntlet could be a trophy, a reminder of the time the most powerful beings in existence joined forces to wrench the Gauntlet from its creator and disperse the Infinity stones across the nine realms. A replica of the Gauntlet was created to commemorate that glorious battle. And a certain Titan has studies this conflict, and vows not to make the same mistakes as his predecessor.

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