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Default Re: Thor (from TDW) vs Superman (from MOS) who wins in a fight, and why ?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
1. Thor has NEVER been knocked out in the MCU (not counting mortal Thor), not even when facing Kurse or Hulk so let's not say Supes can do the same.

2. The didn't bleed until The Avengers, so just like Supes he was didn't shed a drop of blows in his origin film (while powered of course).

3. Supes was physically the strongest being in MOS, well see what happens when he comes across guys stronger than him like Thor did in TA and T:TDW.

That's more like it. Thanks for putting up some arguments !

1. Not so sure about Thor not being KO'ed. I think Kurse
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
had knocked him out and was pounding his face into Hamburger before Loki speared him from behind.
. Although you are correct, Supes did get knocked down, and possibly knocked out for a few seconds by the giant Kryptonian.

2. Of course Mortal Thor doesn't count, we're only interested in god-like Thor. Kurse certainly did make him bleed, but you're right, not in his origin film (in his god-mode anyway).

3. Tricky to say who's stronger. Thor, I'm not so sure, as what's the heaviest object we've seen him lift......not sure. Remember how casually Zod kicks that Tanker truck across the road, would Thor have that kind of power ?
The Hulk, probably a much more reasonable comparison, as he stops that giant alien ship/flying fish thing, all by himself.

BTW I give a significant edge in fighting skills and strategy to Thor, as he's a lot older than Supes and has had plenty of warrior training.

If you're interested, what do you think about this....

4. speed. Thor's reasonably quick, for a big guy, but nothing like Supes.
On that note, can Thor fly and throw Mjolnir at the same time....maybe not, so mobility advantage Supes.

5. Do you think Supes could lift mjolnir ? Obviously he could physically lift it, but being such a selfless guy, who's always good to his mum, he might also be worthy enough to hold it. I doubt he could command it's magical powers, but Thor might chuck it at Supes, who might catch it and chuck it back.

6. Heat vision. probably not a game changer, but possibly a match for Thor's lightning.

7. Thor doesn't usually fight alone. Even against Malekith, he had backup in the form of Jane, Selvig and the others. Supes is quite often a solo act. Maybe that would tip the balance in Thor's favour.

8. Where the fight takes place (as in which realm) would make a difference. Thor's power goes wherever he does. While Supes probably has a big edge in raw power on Earth, (and I think also in Asgard, as it's a really sunny place in the movies) if the fight happened in Jotunheim or Svartalfheim, Supes would probably be much less powerful.

Thanks again for the post, you're doing Thor fans proud.

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