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Default Re: Fan Review Thread SPOILERS INSIDE - Part 1

Originally Posted by GremlinZilla89 View Post
This is the last thing I'll say about the humor.

This is the only place I've seen people bring it up. All of the bloggers/youtubers/critics I follow have liked/loved it and nobody mentions the comedy as a problem. I have two friends who get into early screenings all the time for their jobs and none of them mentioned the humor as a detriment either. In fact, one of them even said they wanted a bit MORE humor like the first film. Not to mention the general consensus from critics so far is surprisingly strong. 83% with over 30 good reviews. I don't see it dropping under 75% myself.

So what I'm trying to say is this website has people mentioning problems with movies old and new and in between I've never heard before from anywhere in my life long love of movies. What I'm saying is, this place is a bit odd as far as opinions go.
If the humor is overused and is inserted in scenes that should be serious, it kills tension and that IS an issue. IM 3 had this issue in places.

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